Car Key Replacement and Cutting Service

Matchless Car Key Replacement Service

It never feels good to misplace your auto keys. It never feels good to somehow break them, either. That doesn't mean that car key problems are a recipe for disaster, however. When you need skilled car key replacement Delran NJ auto owners can completely trust, call Locksmith & Security right now. Our team members offer replacement work that's ideal for:

  • Key fobs.
  • Transponder keys.
  • Chip keys.
  • Slider keys.
  • Wafer keys.

If you're on the lookout for an auto locksmith Delran NJ vehicle owners can bank on for superb car key replacement assistance, phone Locksmith & Security right away. Our knowledge of car key replacement will dazzle your mind.

Detail-Oriented Remote and Auto Key Programming Service

Our team members can provide you with car key programming assistance that's like no other. They're well-versed in backup transponder keys, key fob repair, fussy transponder chips and beyond. Contact Locksmith & Security as soon as possible for programming services that can benefit:

  • Auto keys that feature integrated transponder chips.
  • Auto keys that have remote fobs.
  • Key cards.
  • Flip keys.
  • Auto keys that were produced after the mid-nineties.

If you need help from an auto locksmith Delran NJ vehicle owners can lean on for thorough remote and auto key programming savvy, contact Locksmith & Security without further ado. Our team members know the ins and outs of the vast car key programming realm.

auto key programmer


Don't want to waste a day of work and overpay for your car key problem? call the expert that can get you back in the road FAST.

Ignition with key

Top-Tier Broken Key Extraction and Ignition Repair Services

Vehicle ignition troubles can make you feel lost and anxious. Locksmith & Security is a local business that strives to give customers access to the highest quality professional ignition assistance possible. Our qualified technicians can aid you with:

  • A problematic ignition switch and vehicle stalling.
  • Ignition failure and flickering dashboard lights.
  • A key that doesn't turn.
  • A starter motor that stays quiet.
  • A car that has a problematic ignition switch and that is unable to start.

When you need an auto locksmith Delran NJ vehicle owners can rely on for amazing broken key removal and ignition repair assistance, phone Locksmith & Security as soon as possible to pencil in service.

Thorough Motorcycle Key Replacement Service

We can accommodate all of your motorcycle key replacement requests here at Locksmith & Security in Delran, New Jersey. Our licensed auto locksmiths are no strangers to motorcycle security. They can easily and efficiently replace all varieties of motorcycle keys. If you need motorcycle key replacement that's swift, thorough and attentive, our company should be the only one you consider. Reach out to Locksmith & Security today to get an appointment for our A1 motorcycle key replacement work.

Motorcycle key Replacement Services

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Mobile Lock and Key Care

We have some of the most impressive and responsive mobile lock and key technicians in the area. Our mobile locksmiths are all fully equipped professionals who work in fast, efficient and detail-oriented manners. Pricey towing companies? Who needs them? Our mobile service is the epitome of courteous, convenient, smooth and speedy. It's everything you need and more. It's also budget-friendly. When you're searching for mobile car key replacement Delran NJ auto owners can bank on, no other firm can even get close to us.

Locksmith & Security is a Reputable 24-Hour Business

The most reliable lock and key companies are the ones that never close. Everyone knows that! If you need a dependable 24-7 locksmith firm name to save in your phone, that firm is Locksmith & Security in Delran, New Jersey. You can contact us at any time for our expert emergency assistance. Our technicians are on call and eager to help you with pressing business, home and auto lockouts. They're available to assist you with time-sensitive lock repair, lock change and lock rekeying requirements as well. Give Locksmith & Security a shout whenever you need fast, affable and reassuring emergency lock and key attention. Call us whenever you need 24-hour car key replacement Delran NJ can believe in, too.